Realizations | 828


After a while you realize it’s not about planning special things, being in a great place, or having good food.

Sometimes ‘normal’ things are more than enough, as long as you are with the people that matter the most.

We Fall

We do our best, but sometimes our best isn’t good enough. We try but we fail. Some obstacles are too big, or maybe the timing just isn’t right. We stumble, make mistakes, and ultimately fall.

But hey, that’s life.

We should get back up and try harder. We should make our best even better. It won’t guarantee success, we might even fall down again, and again, and again.

But at least in the end we’ll know we gave it our everything. And if we do, we shouldn’t have any regrets, whatever the outcome may be.

Storm’s End


“There’s an end to every storm. Once all the trees have been uprooted, once all the houses have been ripped apart, the wind will hush, the clouds will part, the rain will stop, the sky will clear in an instant, and only then, in those quiet moments after the storm, do we learn… who was strong enough to survive it.”

-Merideth Grey
Grey’s Anatomy
(Season 9 Episode 24)