ABL: Year 3

This year’s ABL season started the same way last season ended: same court, same day of the week, same time of the day, same opponent, and same result.

That’s at least a 9-game losing streak for our team, counting from the loss in the 2010 semi-finals (I’m no longer sure what happened to the game before that).

Hopefully things start picking-up soon.


Last New Year’s, my cousin and I talked about each starting a “Project 365″ for the year.

The project’s basically taking a picture for each day of the year, ideally of something that can best represent the highlights of that day.

[While making this post, I found a good description, what to do, plus some tips here.]

We later realized that 2012 is a leap year so we started referring to it instead as “Project 366″ instead. Before the day ended, she gave up on starting hers while I was very excited (and optimistic) to push through with mine.

I remember trying to do this two years ago (after a similar conversation with another cousin), and I lasted until day… 13. :/

This time though, I’m hoping to last way longer than “13″. 100 would be good and 200 better, but even 300 would not be enough because the goal is 366. :)

TheBadZ | Project366

2012 | 366 days | 366 Photos

2012 Here We Go!

2011 wasn’t really a year I would consider as one of the “better” ones; in fact, on some aspects, it was actually one of my worst.

I now start 2012 full of hope that things will turn around. The year starts with me thinking that this one won’t just be better than the last, it’s going to be one of the best!