New Beginnings

“Resolutions” can be done at any time or day of the year – but we all know people famously make them on “New Year’s”. There’s something about the turn of the year that appeals to starting something new, somethings fresh, something better.

Yes, we also know that most of the time, these resolutions don’t last. It can already be considered an achievement if it reaches Valentine’s day. In as much as we set ourselves into being better, reality sets in and complications (too busy! too lazy! lack of commitment!) prevents us from following through.

While I couldn’t really consider what I did the past couple of days as “reflecting” [Read: Sleep. Eat. Sleep. Watch Series. 2k14. Sleep. Clash of Clans. Eat. Sleep. Facebook. Twitter. Sleep.], I got a jolt in me saying maybe it’s time for new beginnings.

I guess there wasn’t really a big need for reflecting because I already knew about it. I just needed the push to get on with it.

To getting myself out of a runt and for making myself better. No, I won’t use the word “try”. It’s time for ‘doing’ things, not ‘trying’ them.

Yes, the new year is several month’s away, but why wait for January 1st? As one of my favorite quotes from the movie Vanilla Sky goes, “Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around”.

Hopefully isn’t like those other resolutions that fizzled after a couple of days or weeks. Hopefully this is something that lasts.

4 months. 1 Week.